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"If Christopher Columbus, Copernicus and Galileo had trusted on what everyone was saying, we still would believe that the sun revolves around a flat Earth." (A. La Torre)


First of all, I am a man, a male doctor, as you can see in my picture. Although the name Andrea is a typical name for women in other countries, in Italy it is a very common name for a man (do you know Andrea Bocelli?) :-) But... let's start to talk seriously..

I'm an Italian doctor and researcher in the field of Inner ear disorders. I was born in Rome, Italy, 57 years ago. I lived and worked in Italy for most of my life. Currently I am living in Vietnam, but actually being able to work online and travel at the same time in any country, I do it (or I did it...before the pandemic!). 
I became Doctor in Medicine and Surgery in 1989, and since 1993 I'm a specialist in Otolaryngology. I have dedicated at least the last 24 years of my professional activity to understand and treat tinnitus, sensorineural hearing loss, dizziness and subjective disturbance of balance, and Meniere's Syndrome, still considered by many colleagues, due to laziness, superficiality, lack of interest or prevailing commercial aims, "the dark side of otolaryngology".
I always looked further to develop more effective therapies for the treatment of endo-lymphatic and peri-lymphatic hydrops of the inner ear, the most common but most underestimated cause of these disorders, rejecting every cliché, but performing researches with scientific skepticism and pure application of logic.

What I can offer, as the result of years of scientific research on several thousand patients, and dozens of different diagnostic tests, often personally designed or modified for the purpose, involving also specialists from other disciplines, is an effective treatment to help many patients (but not everyone, because real permanent damages remain untreatable, although never provable in advance) even without further need for diagnostic tests, after they have been systematically carried out in over 16,000 cases until 2009.
In order to start the therapy, today and already since 2009, I do not need diagnostic tests anymore, because they are not useful for me to decide the approach with the single patient. Hydrops is always present and confirmed with tests, but no test can tell us if it is also the reason for symptoms or if there are also damages. But symptoms can. In many cases the damage is excluded by the symptoms.
What we need instead, and what is usually neglected, is a correct assessment of the patient and not just of the ear. We need to care about the real impact on his/her life arising from the disorders and even take in account the actual psychological condition, that is critical, because the hydrops is a situation where stress plays a leading role. Nowadays, in fact, the relationship of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH), a stress-related hormone, with the inner ear fluids and hydrops is well known. This hormone is the main target of my therapy against the hydrops.

Having overcome the need for specific tests, I can get closer to patients around the world without geographical limits, offering medical advice, consultation and assistance to the patients and their doctors worldwide, thanks to the technology, using Video Consultations on the Internet via Skype, Whatsapp or other apps. A much more efficient, cost-effective way and without any need to move around. I have now a long experience (since 2011) with this way of offering consultations to patients. Fortunately this can be actually offered to "the world" even because I can manage a video consultation in Italian, my native language, in English, in Spanish, in French, in Russian, but at a lesser level I speak and understand many other languages. I had already assisted in this way italian and foreigner patients living in many different countries. But, unfortunately, while to talk and give counselling is pretty easy with Skype or Whatsapp, and many doctors around the world are starting to use it, in many countries there are specific problems to export my treatment. First, foreigner doctors' medical prescription are not accepted in every country. And not everything I prescribe is available everywhere. This is the reason why, having still lot of Italians asking for my treatment and my assistance, what I am looking for, is not only patients from other countries but ...also their GP's and otolaryngologists, to assist and give help locally providing they have enough desire to care about you seriously.

To book a consultation if you are not Italian, not living in Italy and not speaking Italian language,  please contact me in Whatsapp at +39 339 6504961. In all other cases please go to the full italian version and book from there.



  1. You can decide to have the treatment ** and my direct assistance, Whatsapp or other apps. The total cost for unlimited consultations treatment and full assistance is € 100,00

  2. You can ask your ENT specialist or any other doctor able to help you to contact  me in Skype or Whatsapp TOTALLY FREE ! and I will give him or her directly the treatment with my full unlimited assistance,  He or she will give you the needed assistance with me in the role of supervisor. 


* *Consultation can be in Italian, English, French, Spanish or Russian but while instructions for a basic first level treatment can be given also in English, the full treatment could be only in Italian because I often make updates and it would be too hard to translate every update in different languages. In that case you will have to translate the therapy by your own. 

Su cellulare o tablet il caricamento potrebbe essere lento e i pulsanti meno sensibili. Attendere il caricamento completo delle pagine.

The international booking system is currently under update. In the meanwhile, to book a consultation write me in whatsapp, please.